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XOGC (Xtreme Online Gaming Community) is an Xbox live and PC gaming community for gamers. XOGC has been around since May 7th, 2010. Having over 160 members, XOGC is one of the largest Xbox Live gaming communities in North America. We are here to let our members meet new people, be a part of Tournaments, and to win rewards. Edit


XOGC started out on May 2010 as a GTA IV TBOGT Police/Roleplay clan for Xbox Live created by Dashaun Lewis (XOGC xBOSSx). The leader of XOGC, XOGC xBOSSx, started to get more members in the clan. He met XOGC xBEASTx in the summer of 2010 and they both started a Forza 3 Nascar League with some friends. XOGC xSKILLZx decided to join and help Dashan(BOSS) and Markee(BEAST) out. He then later got promoted to admin. When Nascar The Game 2011 came out, they went to that game to race. The had 45 members at the begginning of the nascar season. After 3 races, XOGC xBOSSx named the Nascar League NNRL. The recruited one member that gave them the RPM (Race Points Manager).

The NNRL season 1 got cut short because of the lag and bugs in the game. Many members started to leave the league. When they resume the season, there were only about 10 drivers left. So XOGC xBOSSx and XOGC xSKILLZx began to recruit more members. Then on May of 2011 XOGC xBOSSx, XOGC xBEASTx, and XOGC xSKILLZx formed XOGC. The original ranks of XOGC were: CEO-XOGC xBOSSx Vice-President- XOGC xBEASTx. XOGC xSKILLZx argued that BEAST would not make a good VP.

During the summer of 2011 XOGC xBOSSx held a contest. Whoever acted the best as VP would become it. He judge them on leadership, discipline, recruiting level, and on activity. At the end of June, XOGC xSKILLZx was declared the new VP.

After July XOGC began to add more games to its inventory. They added Forza 4, GTA SA (PC), and COD MW3 and BO.


XOGC first website was They then created another for their Nascar League They then created a new one called They finally created their current home website on October 13,2011.


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Location of MemberEdit

The members of XOGC mainly come from the US and some parts of the UK. Only 1% of our members are from any other country. We have a few Australians.

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